The concrete is defined as the material of the New Renaissance of modern building and has already become the star of furniture collections. Toncelli has interpreted how to exploit the exceptional qualities of this material during the creation of the prestigious collection Progetto50 Wind.
Ductal A� is a product of high technology, a mixture of concrete, a mousse with exceptional technical characteristics and unlimited possibilities of use. The countless organic fibers that are mixed in this mousse, randomly and apparently without logic, are the strong structural binder that holds together this fantastic concrete and that makes it incredibly compact and elastic at the same time. A material with exceptional potential in terms of functionality and creativity.
During the creation of the collection Progetto50 Wind, Toncelli has been able exploit the main features of this amazing material such as strong resistance to compression, from four to eight times higher than the conventional concrete (130 to 200 MPa) in order to enable the creation of complex plans with low thickness and therefore extremely lightweight, the low porosity (6 A�) which gives a high impermeability; … the non-flammability (Ranked MO-A1) and high durability with excellent resistance to shock and abrasion.
In addition Ductal A�, being a compound of organic fibers, is recyclable as an inert at the end of its life cycle. Thanks to its extraordinary characteristics is used in small quantities so can present a lower impact of CO2 from 20% to 40% compared to solutions with conventional materials. order tadalafil, online Zoloft.