Toncelli, an example of of style and elegance in the market

a�?Over 50 years of history require us to safeguard our artistic heritage, our traditions, our secrets, our knowledge so that they are transmitted to future generations.a�?

Toncelli pursues its history creating unique and inimitable products. The continuous search for exclusive materials has actually created the difference and led the way forward. Hence the choice of ITALIAN MANUFACTURING as identity of the factory: a�?the work of mana�?.

The quality of Toncelli lays in continuous processes that transform the material and make it a unique piece thanks to our craftmanship. Giving life to the materials identifies the idea of making the product. a�?We do not use the materials but we forge them in our own image and likeness. Each kitchen has a unique and unrepeatable historya�?.

to produce and distribute all over the world fitted kitchens enriched by the handicraft tradition and tuscan design

This is the distinguishing feature of the entire history of Toncelli that has always characterize its product.

Today, with the dynamism of a young company and with full respect for the environment, those values are part of our daily life, with the will of arousing deep emotions, constantly employing the most up-to-date technologies and our own handicraft long experience. Our secret? The passion for beauty and the will to always satisfy our client.

An important stage combined with a change of view in the growth process

Toncelli Cucine Spa, founded 1961 in Peccioli, in the province of Pisa (Tuscany), has created its own identity in the international kitchen industry. Such identity is

based on a tailored product offering great attention to detail and high quality.a�?The new path that the company is undertaking rests on these values and aims at stranghtening its growth having the market as the core activity and service, product and quality as its main goals.
a�?Today more that ever, the market has a great influence on commercial strategies and a businessman must be able to read and translate new trends into specific techiniques, without losing his own identitya�? this is Lorenzo toncelli’s Opinion.a�?a�?The unchanged skill of the woodworker and the long tradition in handcrafts are supported by the internal production flow control and by new technologies. The companies aim is to balance these issues during their growth in industrialisation. Currently the production is about 800 high grade kitchens per year with 40 staff members, not including the external contract work. a�?Toncelli Cucine has been present both nationally and internationally for some time and aims at improving its worldwide position and at becoming a leader in a market addressed to demanding and attentive customers

The Handicrafts Spirit


Toncelli offers an exclusive and personalized product, able to take care of the most peculiar requirements, typical of who considers the a�?tailora��madea�? product their own personal and social status symbol.

The Comunication

tradition and innovation

Since the beginning these two ideas have been characterizing Toncellia��s communication and production. Strong, clear and recognizable messages are since ever the company expression.

Thanks to the capacity to anticipate and create new trends, the company was a bench a�� warmer for the experts and for the professionals.
Today, thanks to the second generation, the communication willpower get stronger and updated opening new ways and new opportunities of growth.


the handicraft tradition

These two features have distinguished Toncellia��s communication and production. Strong, clear and recognizable messages have always been the company expression.

Thanks to the capacity to predict and create new trends, the company has been a benchmark for the experts in this field.a�?Today, thanks to the second generation, the communication power gets stronger and updates itself, opening new ways and new opportunities of growth.

Tuscany Heart

Tuscany is the land of lifestyle

Its history, its fine arts, its landscape, its typical food, its hospitality and its daily life are the result of the work of its people.a�?Since Renaissance and from then on, Tuscan people have created their own

world, their own lifestyle, exporting their culture and looking with great attention and respect at other people.a�?All those values are held in our daily work, our philosophy, our kitchens, making us proud of going on with a work started 500 years ago.

The History


From the great Italian cabinetmaking tradition to contemporary a�?sartoriala�? kitchens: a path, that of Toncelli, which began in the early 60s, in the heart of Tuscany wooden handicraft and is now moving towards the future with professional skills renewed by technology. The secret, both roots and projection of the company soul, has not changed: keep its identity. Established by brothers Fernando, Aldo and Vasco, today the firm is run by the younger generation, Lorenzo Toncelli is the General and Sales manager (and Tommaso Toncelli is the Artistic Manager).a�?The Tuscan firm is an example of family business able to evolve without alter its nature, in fact able to invest on its individuality, produced by the ability to create a personalized product through scrupulous care and love for the details, in a very Italian match of personalization, care and style. In one word, Toncelli’s identity is value. Today, cabinetmaking tradition is supported by the internal production flow control, the firm has moved on to industrial processes, looking attentively towards foreign trades. Toncelli’s stylistic calling itself, projected in a medium to high level market, has developed in a product which makes use of innovative technical and structural solutions.
From Kaleidos’ idea of a�?a kitchen for everyonea�?, which already in 1983 (revised in 1990) suggested a unit programme arranging endless composite and design solutions, to the cohesion of design and production technology of Credenza, which in 1991 introduced the cherry wood finish and for the first time used gas pistons in a kitchen. This last project, re-elaborated in 2005, relaunches the value of Toncelli’s kitchen, of a typically Italian luxury with refined details which involve precious materials and unique finishes. The idea of a contemporary classic is from the firm’s genetic heritage which interprets the living space as a real a�?space kitchenizationa�? finding and ideal and never seen before synthesis of tradition and professional skills in Nanti’a, Eurocina 2004.a�?Or else, as proposed at Eurocina 2004, in the latest Essential, where the outcomes of domotic and safety research have been applied to a number of original a�?touch housea�? solutions. Lorenzo Toncelli feels that production dynamism is also commercial dynamism and a firm must be ahead of time and able to forecast changes. a�?Toncelli bothers, third generation Pisan, are artisans and masters of art and production, they are visionary and planners, with a calling for timeless beauty. At Eurocina 2010 they celebrated the first 50 years of their firm. They find in their past the roots of an art, that of cabinetmaking, which joins artisan’s precision and discipline to the artist’s inspiration and calling. In Progetto50, one can appreciate an essential and modern design, in warm local products such as wood sawn by hand with scored impression and the finished leather sawn by hand by the master saddler joined to the austerity of marble and lacquering; futuristic components such as the exclusive cement mousse and finally special pieces of furniture which give to the cabinetmaking tradition a contemporary version.a�?If Progetto50 is the result of past technology renewed and bought into the present, Prisma at Eurocina 2012 is technology ahead of time. The new hi-tech kitchen. Minimal design matrix of Toncelli’s house gives birth to an essential, contemporary and dynamic language integrated with exclusive and revolutionary technologies. Prisma is bound to immediately become a timeless classic. New design solution and prismatic compositions.a�?Nowadays, Toncelli Cucine is a dynamic business, able to satisfy each customer needs, with a second to none quality, unique and both tailored and advanced products. In order to achieve that, Toncelli looks at their past experience but also invest in R&D and in the commitment to bring to the kitchen world advanced experimented solutions, first tested in other fields.