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Showroom Milan

1-news-showroom-milan Toncelli inaugurates its first single brand store in Milan.
Via dei Giardini is located in one of the streets recommended in all architectural guide books about Milan, with two buildings designed by Carlo De Carli in the early 1950s and the rationalist example of the “Casa a ville sovrapposte” (stacked house building) by Figini and Pollini. The new Toncelli showrooms confirms the characteristics which have made this little corner of Brera so famous: culture, in fact, which for this Tuscan-based company translates into the pursuit of the extraordinary wood-working tradition; and again luxury, conceived as the exclusive appeal of custom-made furniture, made with the finest materials and with a discrete and elegant design. Inaugurated on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2016, the showroom is a place for industry professionals and a selection of private clients to experiment with Toncelli kitchens and their design according to craftsmanship passion and the most sophisticated technology. Indeed, the more than 200 square metre space reproduces a smooth path amid shapes and materials, elements which the manufacturer bases its customised furniture in every detail, adjusting and fine tuning to perfection to accommodate every particular requirement. A customisable and unique ‘object’, balancing between innovation and design, the kitchen is presented as a natural extension of the living room: the technical contents make for extraordinary versatility, making it possible to define an increasingly elemental styling, which blends in seamlessly with living room environments.
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2-news-essence The vibe? A uber-modern piece of furniture that uses a material that dates back a thousand years
Essence is Toncelli's latest offering for 2016, a product that brilliantly resolves the tension between history and innovation, while keeping the company's philosophy in mind at all times. The collection heavily features fossil beechwood combined with titanium steel finishings even used for the cooking surface. Certified by La Sapienza University in Rome, this material constituted a stimulating challenge for Toncelli, which chose to adopt it as the material of absolute prestige both in the door panels and surface top, creating a poetic combination between the richness of the product and technology. Thanks to the use of natural oils and the crystallisation that takes place through time eliminating porosity, these materials with a primordial appeal do not get damaged when cooking and do not absorb water, making them a practical and efficient thin support. The grains and tones created during the fossilisation process add an extraordinary layer of decorative quality that enriches and refines the sartorial design of Toncelli furnishings.
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Base unit Chef de Cuisine – in partnership with Emanuele Scarello

3-base-chef-de-cuisine For chefs, the kitchen is not just a necessary part of the furniture in their home or restaurant, but rather a tool and an 'ally' which conveys a genuine work method to share. It needs to adapt to the chef's movements, facilitate their tasks in preparing dishes, and keep utensils neat and tidy: just like a sous-chef at the complete disposal of the user. This is the objective of the new Chef de Cuisine collection by Toncelli, devised to bring the technology and performance levels typically found in a professional kitchen into the home environment. It is no accident that its characteristics and operation have been painstakingly devised by the Tuscan-based company in partnership with Emanuele Scarello, the 2 Michelin star owner of the “Agli Amici” restaurant in Udine, who provided the guidelines for the construction of this perfect 'machine'. Chef de Cuisine therefore comprises a Base Unit and a Tall Unit, both highly-accessorised with all the utensils and small household appliances that are indispensable for preparing, chopping, cutting, composing and putting together one's culinary creations. The Base Unit, which can be integrated into any model of the Toncelli collections, consists of a volume topped by a seamless hob, equipped with an induction hot plate, a teppanyaki, a wok and two chopping boards for vegetables and meat, and divided up on the inside with shelves and generously-sized drawers.
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Toncelli cucine be present at eurocucina 2014

toncelli-pag-news-img-news-eurocucina-330x206International exhibition of furniture for the kitchen. Rho-Pero. Milan. From 8 April 2014 to 13 April 2014 - Pavilion 11, stand C20 and B21. After the exhibitions of 2010 and 2012, Toncelli will also be present Eurocucina 2014 edition with new and exclusive space-kitchen.

Invisibile – the new toncelli kitchen

pag-news-img-invisibile-330x206Innovation, Functionality and great charm
For the first time, based on an idea of the architect Mauro Carlesi, Toncelli introduces carbon fiber. Not as a finish for an already existing unit, but as an out and out structure, that finds its perfect element for both peninsula and hanging wall units. Carbon fiber, a composite material worked with the lastest generation systems, as well as being particularly resistant, both from heat and mechanically, is extremely light and resistant to chemicals. These characteristics are combined uniquely in Toncelli’s new kitchen and offer that added value of design quality and practicality that has always characterized Toncelli. INVISIBILE, the new elegantly designed kitchen, presents furthermore a new varnishing system made from liquid metal which gives to the wall cabinets an aesthetic that is absolutely perfect for the materiality of the carbon fiber. The total absence of grooves and handles, thanks to the use of an opening system unique toToncelli, highlights again the rigor and the clean line giving a result that is quite invisible.
Always sensitive to technology, Toncelli integrates into the new kitchen avant-garde home automation systems such as the touch screen with web connection that allows utilisation of all the automated elements and also a sound broadcasting system using exciting technology which can transmit the sound from surfaces giving 360’ amplification in the room. Once again, with this project,Toncelli confirms its dedication to innovation preserving its values of true Italian craftmanship and of excellent quality, inherent from more than 50 years in every kitchen produced.

New style and new design for the site

toncelli-pag-news-img-news-web-site-330x206Since March, the new version of our website is available; many innovations including the new official video and plenty of space to the Toncelli collections 2014. Interactive and responsive, with the birth of the new blog and a constant presence on the social network, the new site will allow you to get in touch with our staff, to address topics of your interest and learn about the latest news concerning us .

Toncelli’s new catalog

toncelli-pag-news-img-newcatalog-free-download-330x206The latest catalog of Toncelli, carefully read, tells the story of THE ITALIAN MANUFACTURING. The quality of Toncelli is linked to the continuous processes that transform the material and make it a unique piece thanks to our craftmanship. Giving life to the materials identifies the idea of making the product. “We do not use the materials but we forge them in our own image and likeness. Each kitchen has a unique and unrepeatable history”. 
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Toncelli, new openings

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