Systema: a big receptacle that allows to create a tailor made kitchen

Systema includes all Toncelli’s production elements. They can all be combined together in order to satisfy all sort of request


The vibe? A uber-modern piece of furniture that uses a material that dates back a thousand years

Essence is Toncelli’s latest offering for 2016, a product that brilliantly resolves the tension between history and innovation, while keeping the company’s philosophy in mind at all times. The collection heavily

features fossil beechwood combined with titanium steel finishings even used for the cooking surface. Certified by La Sapienza University in Rome, this material constituted a stimulating challenge for Toncelli, which chose to adopt it as the material of absolute prestige both in the door panels and surface top, creating a poetic combination between the richness of the product and technology. Thanks to the use of natural oils and the crystallisation that takes place through time eliminating porosity, these materials with a primordial appeal do not get damaged when cooking and do not absorb water, making them a practical and efficient thin support. The grains and tones created during the fossilisation process add an extraordinary layer of decorative quality that enriches and refines the sartorial design of Toncelli furnishings.

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Progetto 50

50 years of Toncelli kitchens give birth to a new concept of luxury

Only by getting back to our origins we realized that the discovery of our past was the key factor to understand the challange that would have taken us into the future. 50 years of Toncelli kitchens. 2 items of mathematical inlaid work. 2870 different pieces for one inlaid work.

18 drawers to discover. 240 hours to make an inlaid door. 16 combinations of different materials mixed in just one project.

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The character of wind is the indication of a refined design

Recognizable by its handmade beveled door. Minimal design, but full of charm. The tops seem to be floating and light while still using massive materials like cement mousse or the most precious natural stones. Thickness is important but processed in order to

minimize the perception. Wind best reflects the Toncelli style rich but discreet. The model in its declination in cement and Solcato wood finishes becomes part of the most prestigious and important range of the company called a�?Progetto 50a�?.

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A project defined by the strength of material

The technology employed in applications for aerospace is used by Toncelli, which introduces carbon fiber for the construction of certain kitchen elements. Carbon fiber is a state-of-the-art, innovative

composite material, made up of woven filaments combined with a carbon matrix: a solution which guarantees the support considerable mechanical strength and excellent resistance to changes in temperature and attacks by chemical agents. Furthermore, this innovative material neither oxidises nor rusts. It is non-toxic, unaffected by water and extremely resistant, all combined with outstanding lightness and the finest aesthetic prestige. All these characteristics make carbon fiber an ideal material in the production of elements for kitchens.

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A high quality product for fine cuisines paying careful attention to the evolution of fashion with balance and style

Essential, characterized by primary geometric and linear forms, enriched with advanced home

automation systems that can transform the kitchen into a highly innovative and versatile product.a�?The style is contemporary, the kitchen is creativity waiting to be discovered. Everything is cleverly hidden for this is its power given by the versatility of its collocation.a�?The automation comes mainly from a web-based system. The system has special power modules, low power and small size that exploit technologies ILPS (Innovativea�?Low Power Solution); Audio broadcasting in the kitchen is obtained by excitatory technology.

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In 2012 Toncelli Cucine SpA developed an Integrated Management System which complies with ISO 9001 – Quality Management System – ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System – OHSAS 18001 Management System and Security – with view to obtaining a great competitive advantage to address the international markets in the furniture industry.